Roberts’ Testimonials

You've tried the Rest, Now try the BEST!

Meat-lovers paradise. Legend has it that the great Lefty O'Doul grew up on the corned beef from here. Yes, the hours are kind of inconvenient, but everything is so good. And the people are really nice!

George T. Fairfield, CA

Made my first corned beef and cabbage dinner with a six pounder from Roberts. So delicious! Just the right amount of fat and salt (as in not too much). Follow package directions and you can't go wrong. Thank you RCM for making it sooo easy.

Joanne l. San Francisco, CA

Came here for a corned beef I intend to smoke and make into Montreal Style "Smoked Meat" (or Pastrami to you Americans). The cut of beef the guy pulled out what simply perfect with a great fat cap layer and then just tons of pure corned beef goodness. The man behind the counter served me right away, and once he found out I was Canadian pointed out the beef was actually from Alberta. I can't wait to smoke it. The quality is obviously much higher than my local cheapo chinese market.

Jordan C. San Francisco, CA

Absolutely Awesome pastrami. The best I ever had. I'll try the corned beef and come back with another review.

Doug W. San Francisco, CA

This is the best Corned Beef in the world. They sell to other markets, and you can try it at Tommy's or Lefty's but the best thing to do is to go down to the shop and get it straight from the source. It's kind of an old school, back to basics experience - you stand at a tiny retail counter and they'll probably have to go in the back and cut what you want.

I think they have a special process where the meat is injected with the brine as well as bathed in ends up with an amazing flavor.

Flemm F. San Francisco, CA